FaZe Clan surprises Astralis to win StarSeries Season 3

FaZe Clan have taken home the trophy of StarSeries Seson 3 and the $125,000 prize money after the European team laid down a strong performance to defeat Astralis by 2-1.

It was also sweet revenge for FaZe as they made a coup against the team that had overwhelmed and denied them the IEM Worlds Championship XI trophy.

Picking de_Mirage for first map of their bo3 series, FaZe began the series by extending their strong pistol round record but Astralis managed to even it out to lead 5-4 with an eco and a strong B defense.

Attempting to split did not help FaZe as their Danish rivals surged to 7-5, but not being one to give up, the team kept it going and both fought to 14-14. However it was mere delaying of the inevitable as Astralis got a successful A to blow FaZe’s economy into smithereens, and only need to fight against pistols to finish the job at 16-14.

FaZe was unfazed by that though, and went off to lead quickly by 4-0 on de_Nuke. While Lukas ‘gla1ve’ denied a 1v3 clutch by Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey to start a 3 round streak for Astralis, his team was suppressed again by doubles from the French national and Havard ‘rain’ Nygaard and lagged. behind to FaZe by 11-4. Even after the break, they won only two more rounds, allowing FaZe to win at 16-6 and extend the match to a third map.

Not surprisingly, Astralis clearly felt more determination this time around to break the FaZe pistol streak at de_Inferno, and put up strong defenses to rocket up to a 10-5 lead. FaZe got their pistol back after the break, and with repeated forcebuys and ecos, denied Astralis match point and got 3 on a row on T to win it by 19-17.

For his contributing in 91% of rounds on de_Nuke and 81% on de_Inferno, kioShiMa’s consistency, along with being top fragger and most kills in rounds they won earned him the Player of the Match award. But more importantly, with the StarSeries trophy in their hands, his team is now firmly in the top-tiers of Europe CS:GO competitors, setting the stage for more intense match-ups like this as everyone looks to dethrone Astralis as World No.1.

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