ESL announces return of ESL India Premiership

ESL has made the announcement on its website that the ESL India Premiership event will be making a return this year and will run for three seasons.

The announcement also revealed that there will be three tiers of competition, three games (Dota 2, CS:GO, Clash Royale) played along with three seasons for each games.

The three-tiered structure of the tournament begins with Starter Cups that are open qualifiers for the Master and Challenger Leagues. Teams that win in the Challenger League will be awarded limited winnings and it will be those good enough to make it to the Master League who get a better slice.

However, before they all get a shot at the lion’s share of $100,000 in prize money along with bonuses, each team competing in each event will have to advance through the Open Cups and the Challenger Leagues to make it to the Master Leagues first, where their games will be streamed live on a “popular live streaming platform.”

And, as is tradition, live finals will be played in LANs.

The finals of each season will be played in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi respectively, and everything kicks-off in a week (April 26th) and will run  until December 17th.

Last year, more than 9,000 people took part in last year’s edition of the tournament, with something of a million people tuning in the livestreams and watched VODS of the event.

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