SK Gaming beats FaZe Clan to win IEM Sydney

A dominant SK Gaming defeated FaZe Clan by 3-1 to win the first ever IEM Sydney tournament grand final and bring home $100,000 in prize money.

While FaZe picked de_train — the map which they closed out to win the semi-final against World No.1 Astralis, SK were the ones to blaze off to a hot start. For each round FaZe manage to win (starting with the gun round) they only seem to concede more, and it was 12-3 to SK before the break.

But it was a complete reversal of fortunes after the break as both Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and Finn “karrigan” Andersen went huge and got triples to keep their team in the running, and soon FaZe were just two rounds down at 14-12.  Still, they were too far gone, and SK got two more rounds on back of a 2v4 to close the map.

Nevertheless, FaZe kept the pressure on SK as they won their opening three rounds at the second map de_cache, but once the gun round began SK conceded just four more rounds (the second pistol round) to cleanly demolish the European side.

FaZe needed something to rescue their final and they had it with de_inferno, which saw them blew to a 6-0 opening lead, and it was only through a tactical pause that SK got a few rounds to close it at 5-10 before the break.

On the T side though, SK won 8 out of 10 rounds and threatened to close the final down early, but a 1v2 clutch from Havard “rain” Nygaard and 3 subsequent rounds FaZe managed to stop a premarture end.

It was a fiery affair in the last map de_overpass as neither team could get a clear advantage over the other, but once SK switched to CT they won the first five rounds, broke FaZe’s economy as with de_inferno, only this time SK never let up to close down the map and the match.

The IEM Sydney would sum up a good month for SK as the Brazilians also won the cs_summit two weeks ago, after coming up as runners up at IEM Oakland last November and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas in February.

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