Blizzard release further details for Wild format Hearthstone event

Blizzard has released further details of their first official Wild format tournament — Hearthstone Wild Open — a month after they had announced the event.

In the inaugural Wild format tournament, players will finally get to play all Hearthstone cards from each of its five expansions and adventures that had been rotated out from its Standard system in an event broadcasted live by Blizzard.

The event will be played online, using the conquest format with each player receiving a single ban per match. The qualifier kicks off between June 9 and 11, while the playoffs, including the grand final, will be played from July 1 and 2 with specific times to be confirmed.

Hearthstone Wild Open will see 64 players from each of the three regions of Europe, America and Asia-Pacific invited to compete in the Hearthstone Wild Open qualifiers — and each will then send two players from their qualification tournaments to meet up with two players from China.

The eight players will subsequently play a single elimination tournament July to claim the lion share of $25,000.

It can not be denied that the requirements for tournament is very straightforward; for anyone wanting to join the tournament they would just have to finish in the top 64 of the wild ranking ladder this season.

However, there is little encouragement from the Hearthstone community to say the least.As a start, Wild format has been less popular than standard since its inception. Although Blizzard is finally looking to boost its standing with this tournament, the announcement of the event itself has already been met with lukewarm reactions even from wild ladder players.

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