European underdogs Planet Dog secures spot in TI7

European underdog team Planet Dogs has caused a huge major upset in the Europe TI7 qualifiers after a 3-1 victory over mousesports.

The multinational roster, consisting of players dropped from their previous teams just days ahead of The International 2017 qualifiers, had grouped under the Planet Dog tag and went on a mission to prove everyone wrong and they did just that.    

Starting their long journey by winning the second batch of European open qualifiers to claiming a spot in the regional playoffs and then reaching the grand finals, Planet Dog are most surely one beautiful story of determination and an inspiration source for all the lower tier players and teams.

The TI7 qualifier grand final between mouseports and Planet Dog came down to mind games, with Planet Dog allowed Mouz to draft their comfort heroes in all four games they played while the Greek roster had Milan “Milan” Kozomara and co to run a support Night Stalker in all 4 games.

There had been no doubt that Boston Major runners-up Mouz were huge favourites against a team of Planet Dogs’s make, and yet the Greeks had the rug completely pulled from under them with a surprise 3-1 defeat and lost their chance to participate in the Year’s biggest Dota 2 event.

With Mouz calling GG on the fourth game, the five players from Planet Dog become living proof that determination and refusal to bow in the face of dire circumstances could persevere even in the face of impossible odds, and will stand alongside Team Secret as the second European team to go through the qualifiers to play in Seattle.

However, once there, Planet Dog cannot expect any sympathy from their rivals as reputation and money is on the line for only the best, especially after the initial prize pool of the tournament swelled from $1,600,000 USD to a whooping $19,841,411 ($18,241,411 added).

The lineup of TI7 now looks thus, with one NA and one China qualifier spot remaining:

  1. OG (invited)
  2. (invited)
  3. Evil Geniuses (invited)
  4. Team Liquid (invited)
  5. Invictus Gaming (Invited)
  6. Newbee (invited)
  7. Team Secret (European qualifiers)
  8. Planet Dog (European qualifiers)
  9. Team Empire (CIS qualifiers)
  10. iG Vitality (China qualifiers)
  11. LGD.Forever Young (China qualifiers)
  12. TBD (China qualifers)
  13. TNC Pro Team (SEA qualifiers)
  14. Fnatic (SEA qualifiers)
  15. Execration SEA qualifiers)
  16. Team NP (NA qualifiers)
  17. TBD (NA qualifiers)

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