PGL announces map veto changes for Krakow Major

PGL, the organizers to the upcoming Krakow Major, has announced a new map veto system for best-of-one matches when compared to the ELEAGUE Major.

The new rule was dictated in the rulebook sent to sent to the participating teams on Monday, and makes it so that after each vetoes are locked in, the map that will be played will be picked by the higher-seeded side (Team A) instead of being randomly selected from the remaining two maps.

This would essentially give higher-seeded teams a slight advantage as they can pick their stronger map or the one where their opponent — who continue to choose the starting side — is less favoured.

But on the flip side, Team B, the lower-seeded team, will now have three map bans, instead of just two.

Additionally, in the first Swiss round, the “Legends” (invites) automatically have the higher seed and get to pick the map while in the subsequent rounds, a coin toss will be held to determine which team starts the veto process.

In the playoffs, the veto system remains the same; after a first round of singular bans, the teams pick one map apiece. Team B then get another ban, and Team A will select the series’ decider map.

As for when the tournament enter the quarter-final stages, the team with a better record in the Swiss stage will choose who starts the veto process; in the semi-finals and the grand final, the team choosing who starts the veto will be determined by the bracket order.

PGL Major Krakow will run from July 16-23 at TAURON Arena, with 16 teams having less than two weeks to practice for the new map pick ststem in their quest for the $1 Million prize pool.

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