DreamHack Atalanta: pyth to stand in for GODSENT this weekend

Former Ninjas in Pyjamas rifler Jacob “pyth” Mourujarvi will be playing for GODSNET in place of Andreas “znajder” Linberg at the $100,000 DreamHack Atlanta tournament this weekend.

The news had been announced on GODSENT’s official page and Twitter account, and according to the statement, pyth’s Swedish compatriot znajder is going on a vacation that has been planned for months. He’ll be back after the tournament is done, but until then, pyth will be taking up his role on the team.  

In the post, GODSENT’s Interim Head Coach Graham “messioso” Pitt issued the following statement:

“Back in January, long before the major cycle was announced, the team had decided to go on vacation a week before the widely agreed player vacation, in order to return earlier and get ahead. Things change, and we have now accepted an invite to attend Dreamhack Atlanta, but will not cause disruption to Andreas “znajder” Lindberg’s vacation which was booked many months ago.”

“I’m happy to get the chance to play with a team like GODSENT here in Atlanta,” pyth added in the announcement. “I’ve missed competing and I’ve been pretty inactive lately focusing on other stuff in life so I’m super hungry to come here with the boys and try to claim the title.”

At present, pyth is already bootcamping with the rest of the GODSENT roster as they prepare for the DreamHack Atlanta tournament in their Uppsala offices.

A Ninjas in Pyjamas star before he left the team in May, Pyth and NiP took first place at Intel Extreme Masters XI Oakland, winning 2:1 in the Grand Final against SK Gaming. He had also played alongside Swedish team Dreamchasers since his departure, although the team had lost 0:2 to Team Singularity at Copenhagen Games 2017.

GODSENT have had some struggles lately with an eighth place finish at the Esports Championship Series Season 3 European League, placing 9th-11th range against North with the other team winning 17:19.

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