James “hazed” Cobb part ways with Optic Gaming

James “hazed” Cobb is reportedly headed for an imminent departure from OpTic Gaming’s active roster, and will be take a break until he’s offered a contract to play competitively.

Hazed, who was Hazed was initially a coach until he acted as a stand-in for Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski, who left the team to focus on his Twitch stream.

Although Chet “ImAPet” Singh signed on as the new coach of OpTic to replace hazed after ESL One Cologne in July, Cobb revealed on Twitter that he had been asked to return to coaching in place of ImAPet, but has declined to do so.

hazed’s imminent departure meant that for the third time this year, the North America-based Optic Squad would go a player down, following Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz’s signing with Team Liquid in February and JasonR’s return to streaming in June.

Recently, the organization also cited “roster uncertainty, lack of performance, and internal frustrations” as the biggest challenges for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster.

There is also trouble on the horizon as Oscar “mixwell” Canellas could be the next to leave the team. It was understood that Mixwell has mentioned many separate occasions that he doesn’t like filling the AWP role for the team, and at the same time, he misses his home in Spain.

Meanwhile, OpTic CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, who, while insisting that he understands mixwell’s situation, maintains his hopes he can work out the kinks for the benefit of his star AWPer.

“If he misses home, I’m never ever going to keep him back from that,” H3CZ said in the organization’s recent Vision episode on YouTube. “I care more about his well-being than anything else.”

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