Team Liquid wins TI7 after clean sweep over Newbee

The International 2017 concluded with EU team Liquid claiming the championship title over Newbee after a 3-0 clean sweep of their Chinese opponents.

Both teams had displayed fine play right from the beginning of the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, although while Newbee stayed in the upper brackets until the final, Liquid dropped to the lower bracket of the tournament after the first round.

However, both teams had eliminated a formidable favourite in LGD Forever Young, with Newbee first felling their Chinese compatriots by 2-1 and then Liquid with a similar score.

In the final, the first game began with Ivan “MinD_ControL” Ivanov augmenting his team’s extremely aggressive draft with his Nature Prophet, which forced Newbee to quickly call the GG after racking up a 20k net worth lead in 27 minutes and with 2 sets of racks down.

While starting game two on the front foot, Newbee fell behind again when Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen pulled some clutch Reaper’s Scythes to get Liquid back in. It was then thanks to a crucial mistake made by Damien “kpii” Chok where he attempted to Duel MATUMBAMAN in spite of his Linken’s Sphere that Liquid finally got the definitive opening they need to pull ahead by 2-0.

A game away from elimination, Newbee kept the pressure on Liquid from the start to mid game with several back and forth engagements. But a Black King Bar usage into Omnislash through Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi’s Juggernaut into Roshan pit  tipped the scales heavily to Liquid’s favour, and from there Newbee could do nothing but concede the Aegis of Champions to Liquid, and end their own season at a slightly sour note.

TI7 Top 4 Winners:

  1. Team Liquid ($10,849,965)
  2. Newbee ($3,945,442)
  3. LGD.Forever Young ($2,589,196)
  4. LGD Gaming ($1,726,131)

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