OpTic secures Overwatch League spot and prepares for LCS adventure

OpTic Gaming is set for new journeys into both Overwatch and League of Legends following a huge investment from the owner of a Major League Baseball team.

Sources close to the eSports organization reportedly claimed that an investment deal with a group led by Texas Rangers co-owner and Summer Energy CEO Neil Leibman had been secured.

Amongst the boons of the incoming venture include the acquisition of the Overwatch League slot in Houston — where Leibman is based — for $20 million paid over several installments. – Cara Daftar Sbobet

Furthermore, OpTic will also be expanding its reach by applying for a spot in the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and has advanced to Phase 2 of the application process.

It is projected that the team would to pay 13 millions USD in franchising fees for a permanent spot within the ranks of North American LCS series, but would not be their first time to do so, even as their application await notification of their results in a few months time.

Back in December 2014, OpTic attempted a bid to acquire Curse Academy, which qualified for the League Championship Series at the time, only for Davis Vague outbid OpTic and started Gravity Gaming in January 2015.

Leibman was not the first in the Rangers team to invest in eSports; his fellow board member Kenneth Hersh had already reportedly invested $35 million into Team EnVyUs and obtained rights to an Overwatch League slot in Dallas last month.

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