Valve announces new Dota Pro Circuit for upcoming season

Valve has announced their plans and details for the Dota Pro Circuit for the upcoming Dota 2 season.

The 2017-18 competitive Dota 2 season will see 16 minors and 11 majors, and the road to the next International will see every team making their claim for a spot through success within the Dota Pro Circuit.

Each minor will be worth 300 qualifier points under the new system, although the ESL minor from January 2018 will see the awarding of 400 points in total and a $400,000 prize pool. As for Majors, each will have 1500 qualifier points up for grabs, except the last Major of the Circuit, which will have 2250 points to offer and a $1,500,000 prize pool. – Cara Daftar Sbobet

As with the prize pool, qualifier points will be split between each top-four LAN finalists. For events that have playoffs to determine the third and fourth placers, the point distribution is as thus:

1st: 50%

2nd: 30%

3rd: 15%

4th: 5%

On the other hand, the point distribution for events that don’t differentiate between third and fourth placers are mostly the same as above, with both the third and fourth placers claiming 10% if the qualifier points.

Additionally, points are earned by the players and not by the team/organization. If a team decides to play in one of the minors or majors with a substitute, they can do so, but that may trigger a penalty on points earned in that event, but if a team plays with 4 of their registered players in the event qualifiers and with the full roster in the LAN playoffs, no penalty will be applied.

If a team uses a substitute at the LAN event, the main players will earn 75% points and the substitute will earn 50% points.

Amongst the other key announcements was that coaches will be allowed to stay with their team during the drafting phase to help strategize and develop the draft in all events; but once the draft is finished, coaches will be required to leave the booth or the play area, if the tournament is not using booths.

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