FaZe Clan hands Team Liquid severe beating in ESL One New York title win

FaZe Clan became the champions of ESL One New York 2017 after a commanding 3-0 thrashing (16:3 on Inferno, 16:14 on Overpass, 16:4 on Mirage) over Team Liquid in the grand final.

The European team would reap a grand total of $125,000 was obtained by the team for first place, and whilst the series adhered to a best-of-five format, only three maps were played in the end, as FaZe Clan came out as winners with an incredibly convincing performance.

FaZe began their show with a impenetrable defense on the CT side in the first map, Inferno. Team Liquid were forced to swallow a bagel in the face of  their flawless plays, and only registered their first round after the interval by winning the pistol round. But grabbing two more rounds did not help, and the North American team fell to FaZe on their gun round, with  Nikola “NiKo” Kovac dominating the stats with a 2.7 KDR. – Cara Daftar Sbobet

The second map, Overpass, started with Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski seizing the first round with a triple, thus helping his team eased into the map and helping them win two more. But they weren’t allowed to distant themselves much, as FaZe soon made it 3-1, taking the gun round after a quad from NiKo on B — and, with that as a springboard, balanced the scales once more before pushing to a 11-4 lead.

After the break, Havard “rain” Nygaard grabbed the pistol round for FaZe with another nice quad, but Liquid, despite pressure mounting on them, rallied back with a third-round buy that caught the Europeans off-guard and brought chaos to their economy. But even then, despite Liquid firing on all cylinders to chase them down, a shoddy buy on map point was enough for the European team to close the map.

FaZe then started off Mirage on CT, and got off to a fairly balanced 3-2 score against Liquid, before once again blowing them off to lead 11-4. Liquid nearly pulled off an eco win after conceding the pistol round again but a 1v3 clutch by rain saw them foiled in their efforts. It was soon all but history as the first full gun round would also go FaZe’s way, leaving Liquid with no money in the bank to prevent the Europeans from finishing the match in style on their first opportunity.

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