ELEAGUE Premier 2017: EnVyUs defeats NiP to grab playoff spot

EnVyUs came out as victors by 2-1 against Ninja in Pyjamas(9-16 on Cobblestone, 16-9 on Cache and 16-6 on Nuke), thereby securing their spot in the playoffs of ELEAGUE Premier 2017.

With Cloud9 having already secured their spot as undisputed leaders of Group C, the match between NiP and EnVyUs decides who would stay in the tournament altogether.

NiP started out the first map, Cobblestone, by claiming the pistol round and following it up with anti-ecos and winning the first gun-round, despite the map being an EnVyUs pick. – Cara Daftar Sbobet

Indeed, the map pickers only had four rounds won ahead of the interval, and even the switch to the other side did not quite help as their opponents piled the pressure by claiming the second pistol round and eventually just closed the map down by 16-9.

However, the French team started on the front foot on NiP’s pick of Cache, but even when they won the first seven rounds before NiP somehow pulled the scores to 8-7 by the break. But EnVyUs was able to persevere, and by after the break only allowed two more rounds to NiP and closed the map there by 16-9, bringing the game to a decider at Nuke.

Starting as CT, EnVyUs went 3-0 and pushed to 6-1 even after NiP winning gun round, keeping it tight to stay 12-3 before the break.

Then, following up their momentum by winning pistol, EnVyUs was only stopped short of demolishing NiP as the Swedish roster managed a successful force-buy. But even that proved to be grabbing at straws as EnVyUs simply closed it all down by streaking to 16-6 to complete their comeback win.

With a spot in the ELEAGUE Premier playoffs secured, EnVyUS will wait to learn who their opponents from Group D —  the last group — would be as their fixtures begin next Friday, before kicking-off their attempt to claim the crown of this ELEAGUE title as the playoffs commence on October 10.

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