ELEAGUE Premier: Heroic stuns SK Gaming to enter quarter-finals

Heroic entered the quarter-final stages of ELEAGUE Premier thanks to a shock 2-1 victory (Overpass 8-16, Inferno 16-5, Mirage 16-8) over SK Gaming in Group D of the CS:GO major.

This meant that SK were twice denied victory by the European team, who had initially sent the Brazilians to the lower brackets of the group on back of a drubbing win at Train by 16-5 in their initial match last Friday.

However, SK brushed the defeat and came back intent on vengeance, first eliminating Team Liquid 2-1 in the losers match before once again getting defeated for the second time this weekend in the group decider match against Heroic.- Cara Daftar Sbobet

The first map, Overpass,  had been an SK pick and they naturally got off to a great 6-1 start thanks to successful B attacks. But their bizarre call to switch for A allowed Heroic to pull back, and even B attacks start to fail as both teams fought to 7-7 before SK grabbed the last round before the break.

However, thanks to  Epitacio “TACO” de Melo winning pistol after, SK ran away to close the map and only lost a round in the entire latter half.

Heroic’s pick of Inferno followed and they finally picked up the pistol round that time, with Patrick “es3tag” Hansen and Jakob “JUGi” Hansen pulling all the weight in the B play, buy SK responded and went up 3-1

But the Danes who continued to batter on the defense with well-rehearsed tactics won six in a row. Closing the half at 10-5, they soon had the second pistol round in the bag, to emerged victorious, as Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen’s triple closed out map two at 16-5.

Keeping their momentum, Heroic then picked up a massive lead from the get-go as CT, winning the first seven rounds without a response from SK before the Brazilian side finally responded to grab a handful of rounds before the break.

A fast A lifted Heroic to 14-4 despite two scary rounds up against low buys, but it took the Danes a while before they could close out the series. SK held on for four rounds, but then niko turned up with a superb triple in an eco round, helping his squad complete the massive upset at.

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