Cloud9 releases North American Overwatch roster

Cloud9 has decided to release their North American Overwatch division from their contracts whilst maintaining operations of their other Overwatch division, Cloud9 KongDoo.

Adam Eckel, Randal “Roolf” Stark, and Daniel “Gods” Graeser were previously able to search for new opportunities under their Cloud9 contracts, but have officially had their contracts terminated, according to a Twitlonger post from Gods.

The players went on to announce their departure from Cloud9 over the weekend, with Gods posting on Twitlonger: “Yesterday I got confirmation that Cloud9 has released my contract. This means I have no buyout and no strings attached.” – Cara Daftar Sbobet

Things looked bleak for Cloud9’s North American roster when the Overwatch League franchise owner acquired South Korean Overwatch team KongDoo Panthera in September.

Their entire South Korean roster, which includes Kim “birdring” Ji-hyuk and Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun, had been brought in to represent Cloud9 under the new Cloud9 KongDoo banner in Overwatch Apex season four, where they enjoyed a famous unbeaten run.

Following the departure of Cloud9 NA at present, it is natural to assume that Cloud9’s Overwatch League slot — confirmed in August — now is to be filled solely by KongDoo. The team will begin their Overwatch League journey on Dec. 6 with a series of exhibition matches before the regular season is slated to start Jan. 10.

Now, even as Overwatch League’s roster confirmation deadline  quickly approaches, players like Adam, Roolf, and Gods have until Oct. 30 to find new teams.

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