Astralis and FaZe set up grand final in ELEAGUE Premier 2017

FaZe Clan and Astralis has set up a massive showdown in the grand final of ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 in what could potentially be an explosion encounter in the $1 million tournament series.

Astralis were the first entrants into the final stage following a hard-earned win over Cloud 9 by 2-1 across three maps: Mirage (12-16), Overpass (16-14) and Inferno (16-4). 

While Cloud 9 started well to close the first half on Mirage by 10-5, Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz’s carry brought enough trouble to slow them down in the second half and hold them up to 15-12 before the North American finally found their strut again to close the map. – Cara Daftar Sbobet

It was more even at Overpass as Astralis and both Cloud9 fought even and up to a 8-7 score. Then, a pistol round race from Tim “autimatic” Ta gave Cloud9 an early edge on their Terrorist side, and, later, figuring how C9 were running their executes, Astralis was able to quickly adjust to complete a 16-14 score and extend the game to a tiebreaker map.

Inferno was a completely different matter though, as the Danes maintained their sites with ease — they lost only one round before halftime — before sprinting to a 16-4 finish for the map and the match.

Meanwhile, FaZe Clan and North met in the second semifinals of the day, and Finn “karrigan” Andersen lead his roster to make easy work of their opponents for a clean sweep of North by 2-0 on two of their best maps, Mirage (16-12) and Inferno (16-10).

North’s pick of Mirage began evenly for both sides, and although North finally found an edge to end the first half 9-6, extended technical difficulties caused North to lose their momentum and gave FaZe enough time to regroup and figure out offensive strategies after the break and then, win the map.

Building on their momentum, FaZe had a comfortable first half lead at 9-6 against an overly passive North. While the Danes came back into the game thanks to a force buy following the second pistol round, but it didn’t matter when FaZe’s defenses became more fortified during gun rounds. FaZe concluded North’s playoff run with a 16-10 victory on Inferno.

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