FaZe sweeps aside Astralis to win ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier

FaZe Clan swept Astralis aside emphatically 2-0 to win the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier (Cache 16-14, Overpass 16-7) and take home a hefty prize packet of $500,000.

This was FaZe’s second title win after ESL One New York in mid-September as they solidify their spot at the top of CS:GO for the first time this year. It’s evident that they’re without a doubt the best team in Counter-Strike at the moment, with their win-loss map record being 15-0 at the past two offline events.

But putting down the likes Astralis is no small task for any team as it  proved to be a struggle for FaZe even at map Veto. With similar map pools, FaZe floated their Cobblestone ban to force the Danes to ban it, while Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s side picked Cache, leading to a series consisting of Cache, Overpass, and Inferno.

Cache didn’t start off as well as FaZe hoped as Astralis lead 12-3 at the half from their strong Counter-Terrorist side, but the break began with the karrigan led his squad in mounting an incredible comeback. Giving up only two gun rounds in the second half, FaZe’s international roster strutted across the map before closing it out 16-14 over the Astralis team who seem nothing short of blunted in their offensive prowess.

Overpass on the other hand was a completely different story for Astralis, as FaZe suppressed them throughout the map and stop short the Danish team’s executes or shut down them with ease upon retake — and it was naturally that this time the first half ended with a similar scoreline to Cache at 12-3 but to the favour of FaZe.

Although Astralis grabbed the second pistol round and tallied a couple rounds, they couldn’t continue their momentum going into the following buy rounds and FaZe confidently shocked Astralis on their strongest map with a score of 16-7 to end the series.

Still, there will be little time for FaZe to rest their legs after bagging the trophy and prize money, as their consistency and place as the world’s best will soon be put to the test at the next tournament, EPICENTER 2017, which will take place from Oct. 23 to 29.

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