China’s Overwatch World Cup team to miss tournament due to visa issues

There will only be two players from Team China’s original Overwatch World Cup players making an appearance in the tournament after a majority of the squad were kept out due to visa issues.

The roster, which features a majority of players from Chinese Overwatch team Miraculous Youngster, made a clean swept of its qualifying group stage without dropping a map.

However, it was revealed now that the dominant team won’t be at the November 3 and 4 tournament after visa issues watered down the team down to just two eligible players in support player He “zhufanjun” Junjian and flex player Huang “leave” Xin.

The news was revealed on Wednesday, and it was added that four players from LGD Gaming, Miracle Team One, and Oh My God will fill in for the players denied entrance into the United States.

Visa issues has always been a persisting yet unsolved problem in esports. In October, Denis “Tonic” Rulyov of European Overwatch team 123 was denied a United States visa and could not attend the Overwatch Contenders finals — the Russian player traveled to Ukraine to apply for his visa, but was denied for undisclosed reasons.

However, this incident with the Chinese squad just might prove to be the last straw to convince Blizzard to solve the issue ahead of global Overwatch League kicking off in December, where international players will soon begin descending on Los Angeles from around the world.

In the meantime, the Overwatch World Cup scheduled for November 3 and 4 at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California, with China set to face France in the quarter-finals. More details about the tournament can be obtained here.

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