SK Gaming clinches EPICENTER victory after epic encounter against VP

SK have won the 2017 edition of EPICENTER after edging out by 3-2 in an epic five-map thriller.

First Map (Mirage, 10:16):  VP started strongly on pistol, and cleanly wiped out the Brazilians to speed off to a 5-0 lead before conceding a single round. Although the Brazilians managed to drag the game back to 13-10  Paweł “byali” Bielinski’s with key frags in A  allowed instantly rto lock down the map.

Second Map (Inferno, 16:6): SK dominated here in the second half after an even first, thanks to a quad  quad-kill from Ricardo “boltz” Prass on pistol which kick started a phenomenal run from the Brazilians on T-side, who would win six more rounds without response to lock down the map and equalise the series.

Third Map (Train, 19:16): A lengthy battle ensued here. While Virtus Pro were set to take a 2-1 lead SK mounted an incredible comeback after being down 12-3 after the first half and forced overtime. It was then that two clutches from star AWPer Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and stand-in Ricardo “boltz” Prass that finally nailed the supreme comeback for SK.

Fourth Map (Cache, 12:16): VP were not letting things slipped out of their hands just yet as they waged their own comeback in the second half after facing a 9-6 deficit. The Poles held the Brazilians to only two rounds late in the game, and later closed out the map on top after a hectic three-vs-five clutch in the final round.

Fifth Map (Cobblestone, 22:18): With a trophy at at sake, both teams kept the pressure on each other teams kept winning strings of rounds because of their fragile economies, but it was thanks to a defensive quadruple kill from boltz that allowed SK to force overtime.

The game dragged further as both teams picked up two rounds on the Terrorist side — with wasting two match points. In the second overtime though, SK won three straight rounds as Terrorists, and they locked it down just one round into the second half.

SK Gaming won $250,000 in their title run at EPICENTER 2017 — it was their sixth championship of the year despite playing with a stand-in with minimal practice, they still showed resilience and proved their place amongst the best teams in CS:GO at the moment.

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