GODSENT: Swedish team bench dennis and release znajder amidst slump

Swedish team GODSENT has dropped two players from their squad amidst a difficult time for team, with Andreas “znajder” Lindberg departing the team and Dennis “dennis” Edman being benched.

Kasper Hvidt, the team’s Sports Director released a statement saying that znajder wanted to try something new in his career:

“We have had an ongoing dialogue with Andreas, like we do with all players, and during our talks, it became clear that he had a wish to try something new in his career. Andreas has always been dedicated and loyal to GODSENT, and it is the best solution for both parties to part ways now. From the day he stepped in, he has been a valuable player for the team, and we truly wish him all the best in the future.”

As for the dennis, the Swede has been benched while branded as “available for transfer” at the same time as he was not able to fit in with the rest of the roster. Hvidt explains:

“Dennis is an experienced, extremely skilled and passionate player, but the fit with the remaining roster never materialised. The team has shown that on good days they can beat most any team, but the unrest within the team has resulted in high inconsistency and results far below the expected. We’ve thus decided to make Dennis available for a transfer to another team and are open for offers from teams interested in buying out his contract.”

dennis elaborated upon the matter with TwitLonger:

“The way we play in GODSENT is not the way I want to play, there is no structure, discipline or teamplay, mostly just individually good plays to win the round. Sure, individual plays work if you’re FaZe or SK, but we don’t have those individuals.”

“I just got more and more tired because I know I can do so much more as a player with a more structured team/game plan behind me.”

In the meantime, Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi and Hampus “hampus” Poser will play as temporary stand-ins for the pair. The former had been playing alongside passions and had recently qualified for FCDB’17 Cup in Minsk, while the latter has last been seen playing qualifiers with the Swedish mix Kindest Regards.

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