Newbee dismantles ViCi in Perfect World Masters championship final

Newbee are The Perfect World Masters champions after an outmatching compatriots Vici Gaming in a lopsided 3-0 performance in the Grand Finals.

With both teams having already claimed second place in previous Pro Circuit events, Newbee and ViCi Gaming went head to head in a rematch of the upper bracket finals — a series that went 2:1 in favor of Newbee.  

However, ViCi would have been relieving traumatic scenes of the defeat as Newbee’s Song “Sccc” Chun on Queen of Pain landed an ultra kill by 10 mins in and kept his massacre game on to the end game 1 on a 19/1/13 record, forcing ViCi to call the gg early.

The second game took a little more time to lit up in comparison, as it took until nine minutes to get first kill on the board and this time it was Vici Gaming, who then also took the next few kills in the span of two minutes.

However, Newbee rallied with precise positioning and initiation that would swing the momentum into their favor not long after. ViCi Gaming were able close the gap, but Newbee pushed them hard enough once more before taking the second game.

One game away from defeat, Vici Gaming was dumbstruck as the trademark Newbee aggro reappeared and their opponents took first blood before the creeps even spawned, and systematically took objectives to build pressure on ViCi.

While Vici Gaming answered by finding pick offs through the map and taking favorable team fights, an engagement at Roshan around 40 minutes proved that Newbee were willing to take high risks and claim high rewards to grab the game out from under Vici’s foothold. 10 minutes later the gg was called for the third time and Newbee finally bags their first Dota 2 Pro Circuit title of the season.

Perfect World Masters Prize and Points Distribution:

1st place: $150,000 + 150 points – Newbee

2nd place: $60,000 + 90 points – Vici Gaming

3rd place: $30,000 + 45 points – LFY

4th place: $18,000 + 15 points – compLexity Gaming

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