Valve revamps Boston Major with new CS:GO Major format

Valve has announced a revamp of each upcoming $1 million Major CS:GO tournaments, beginning with the ELEAGUE Major: Boston that is set for next month.

The previous 16-team format will be expanded to a 24-team tournament series and would also be split into three new renamed segments: The New Challengers stage, The New Legends stage, and The New Champions Stage.

The New Challengers stage (formerly the Offline Qualifier stage) from Jan. 12 to 15, the New Legends stage (formerly the Major group stage) from Jan. 19 to 22, and the New Champions stage (formerly the Major playoff stage) finally taking place from Jan. 26 to 28. The former two will be played at the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, while the latter will be held at the Agganis Arena in Boston with all entrants earning Legends statuses.

However, the tournament format for the Major remains unannounced, although for PGL Major Krakow, both the qualifier and the group stage featured a best-of-one Swiss stage, with the playoffs consisting of a best-of-three, single-elimination bracket.

As for attendee rewards, according to Valve attendees at The New Champions stage are set to receive in-game drops while they watch the matches in person, with each of them awarded RFID badge that can be linked to their Steam accounts, which may earn them a valuable case drop. The cases will randomly appear in player Steam inventories based on the map being played by the teams in real time.

In addition, Valve will add team and player autograph weapon add-ons into the traditional cosmetic Major sticker inventory for all 24 teams in The New Challengers stage, with the latter option involve adding stickers for 24 teams and 120 players.

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