Cloud9 defeats FaZe Clan in overtime to win ELEAGUE Boston Major

Cloud 9 defeated FaZe Clan in the ELEAGUE Boston Major grand final to become the first NA team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history to be crowned Valve Major champions.

Both teams battled for four hours in the best-of-three grand final series as the game went into overtime, before the local team proudly snatched the trophy and $500,000 in prize money by winning 2-1 (14-16 on Mirage, 16-10 on Overpass and 22-19 on Inferno).

Indeed, the locals made Mirage their playground and the time FaZe could respond with a second round victory, Cloud9 had already established an 8-1 lead. While FaZe started mounting a comeback in the second portion of the first half, Cloud9 still pulled ahead with a solid 9-6 scoreline.

However, a reversal of roles after the break saw FaZe won eight rounds straight. Even when Cloud9 pulled a force-buy, FaZe ecoed and thanks to a triple from  Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer in a fast B push sealed the deal for FaZe and helped the Europeans avoid a drawn-out overtime.

Still, Cloud9 surprised the visitors and went back into the series with spirit in FaZe’s own pick of Overpass, pinning down Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and consistently completing successful bombsites defense.

FaZe attempted many things but never really got into the game even with victory at the second pistol. They finally responded as Cloud9 reached match point and claimed six consecutive rounds — but it was still a bridge too far as the locals won the almost inevitable last round.

As it was do or die for both on Inferno, both teams tugged for initiative but FaZe caved and saw themselves lag by 5-1 quickly. It was then that they picked up the pace to strut to 8-5 before Tyler “Skadoodle” won two rounds for Cloud to end the half at a more-even 8-7.

FaZe was not deterred, and quickly pushed up to 14 rounds after the break, but even at match point they became wasteful and allowed Jake “Stewie2K” who made consecutive defenses in B to inspire and keep his team going, before taking the game into overtime.

The first overtime could not determine a winner as both teams won all three rounds on the CT side, with FaZe coming back from a 15-18 deficit to restore parity once more. Still, Cloud9 would not let that setback get to them, and a Tarik “tarik” Celik ace in B was the catalyst for a great run that saw the North Americans win the highly-coveted Major title.

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