Hearthstone: 3 cards moved to Hall of Fame as Year of the Raven approaches

Blizzard has announced the shifting of 3 Classic cards to the Hall of Fame as the year of the Mammoth is rotated to the next season: the Year of the Raven.

While the timeframe in which The Year of the Raven will be released is yet to be revealed, further details of the expansion set is will be announced in a livestream on March 2.

The rotation also means that cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night In Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion sets will no longer be eligible to be played in Standard.

However, while users precariously waits what a new year of Hearthstone expansions would bring to the meta, they would also have to bid farewell to three classic cards that will be moved to the wilderness of the Hall of Fame set: Ice Block (Mage class card), Coldlight Oracle (neutral card) and molten giant (neutral card).

A card that essentially keeps the mage player impervious for a round, Ice Block has long been a favourite to be removed by many. Still, although its removal could be seen the mage class being nerfed off one of its greatest strength, it does go in line with the meta idea to change style of plays in Hearthstone year by year.

As for Coldlight Oracle, a key part of mill decks and maintaining card advantage, it makes less sense to remove it as the two-card draw effect for both players and could prove as equally beneficial as adverse it would be to the user. A reason could be due to certain opinions that there should be less effect of numerical randomness on the overall meta.

Lastly, an almost sorely needed rotation is that of the molten giant. However, its rotation also means that it will be reverted back to its original mana cost of 20 mana cost instead of 25.

While not all players would welcome the rotating of those cards, everyone will still be able to get dust refunds for their copies of those cards even if they don’t disenchant them.

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