Ohaiyo out of LGD Forever Young without pizza party this time

Inflame has rejoined Chinese esports team LGD Forever Young and Ohaiyo heads out of a team for the second time in two months.

A month after this year’s roster lock and two months after the infamous “pizza party”, the “victim” ChongXin ‘Ohaiyo’ Khoo has been cut out from his team — this time from LGD Forever Young.

According to their Weibo statement, LFY’s performance apparently did not really meet their expectation after the new roster and they didn’t even survive regional qualifiers like Dream League and Bucharest Major.

Such results were a huge let down in the least when compared to their 3rd placing in TI7, and as such the manager and players have decided to let YongZheng ‘Inflame’ return to his offlane role in LFY.

Heading the direction — due to the lack of team chemistry — was Ohaiyo, but LFY will still need to fight hard in every remaining Dota Pro Circuit tournaments before TI8 and including TI8 since they will not be invited after the roster change.

Still, they conveyed their best wishes to Ohaiyo to find another team soon.

New LFY Roster:

  • Peng ‘Monet’ Du
  • JunHao ‘Super’ Xie
  • YongZheng ‘剑来!’ He (Inflame)
  • ZhengZheng ‘YAO’ Yao
  • TueSoon ‘Ahfu’ Zhang

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