Dota 2: compLexity ousts Kyle Freedman due to “personality conflicts”

Kyle Freedman has been removed from compLexity’s Dota 2 roster, with manager Kyle “Beef” Bautista citing “personality conflicts” as the reason for the split.

News of Freedman’s departure was announced last night through a post on the team’s official website.

“This was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in my esports career,” Bautista claimed, as Freedman had been a part of coL since August 2014, when the organization recruited him and the rest of his Heroes of Newerth team, stayGreen.

He had been enjoying  enjoyed a great level of success in HoN — with five consecutive major LAN wins as his crowning achievement —  but failed to replicate that sort of success alongside the rest of his team members in Dota 2. Thus far, he had only made it to one International and still hasn’t won a premier event.

In his post, Bautista praised Kyle for going above and beyond what was expected of him as a player in the team’s most desperate moments; In 2015, Kyle paid the security deposit for their team house in Florida out of his own pocket after and opted to play without a salary after being told by Bautista that coL would be dropping the Dota 2 squad due to a lack of sponsor interest — which in turn allowed the roster to remain with compLexity.

Still, it is clear that with his questionable career in the game, Freedman would have little hope for being brought in to a new team despite being one of the veteran players of the NA scene.

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