CS:GO News: Hen1 and Lucas1 exits NTC

Henrique “HEN1” Teles and Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles are no longer part of Nao Tem Como after their departure were confirmed barely a month after their addition to the team.

LUCAS1 confirmed the surprising news on Twitter that the twin brothers were leaving Nao Tem Como just two weeks into the team’s bootcamp in Germany.

He added that there will be further news in regards to their future in due time.

“HEN1 and I are no longer part of NTC,” LUCAS1 wrote in Brazilian Portuguese on Twitter. “I wish my former teammates good luck. God bless you!”

“Regarding our future, there will be news soon!”

With HEN1 and LUCAS1 out of their current roster Nao Tem Como are down to just three players, who will stay in Germany waiting for news on the team’s future.

The Brazilian team have been strongly linked with SK, who are believed to be on the lookout for a replacement for their current squad ahead of their contract expiration in July.

During HEN1 and LUCAS1’s time alongside Nao Tem Como, the team briefly competed in ESEA MDL North America and also in the GG:Origin IEM Sydney qualifier, although they were eliminated by Windigo in their group’s decider match.

With the twins’ departure, NTC are now left with:

  • Bruno “bit” Lima
  • Lincoln “fnx” Lau
  • Joao “felps” Vasconcellos

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