China’s Perfect World announces CS:GO Asia Championships

China’s Perfect World has announced a new tournament dubbed CS:GO Asia Championships (CAC) with $300,000 prize pool to be held in Shanghai.

The event, announced at the conclusion of CS:GO Asia summit, is set to be an invitational event that will see more world-class teams invited to play in the East; and while dates have not been revealed it is expected to begin in two months’ time.

Additionally, the organizers had also confirmed that South Korean powerhouse MVP PK has secured themselves a slot in the upcoming event after their victory over Grayhound in the grand final of CAS 2018.

Alongside MVP PK’s South Korean roster are European team Natus Vincere, and there will be six more teams set to join them in a battle for the considerable prize pool.

Perfect World will also not be the only sole organizer of the event, as PGL has also confirmed their collaboration of the event with PW on Twitter.

It was also added that further details will be revealed after the ongoing Dota 2 Asia Championships (DAC). The delay is due to both tournament organizers being involved with the event at the moment.

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