DAC 2018: NA teams eliminated after lower bracket defeats

Evil Geniuses and OpTic Gaming, the last remaining NA teams of DAC 2018 were eliminated in the brutal best-of-one lower brackets fixtures.

EG met Virtus.pro in a highly anticipated matchup, in an encounter between two teams that never fail to entertain.

Although the CIS team had shown they were not invincible after falling to Team Liquid by 2:0, they were not ready to fall any further yet and began in top-form while EG once again seemed to have troubles with clean execution and initiations.

Naturally, VP gave no quarter as they shredded their opponents and left them to bleed blue all over the map, and EG would leave China empty-handed before their next tournament at ESL One Birmingham in the upcoming month.

As for OpTic, they met TnC who themselves were knocked to the lower brackets yesterday by Vici Gaming after a full three game series.

Beside dropping down, the SEA team had made significant strides in their performance and gave an impressive showing at the event so far; and while OpTic Gaming had started out DAC 2018 strong, but seemed to fizzle out towards the end of the group stage.

With their meek showing, they were no match against the obscene pace and assault unleashed by TnC, and were unable to gain any advantage, as a flawless performance by Samson “Sam_H” Hidalgo and backed by the over powered Gyrocopter and Timbersaw sealed another day for the SEA team at the event.

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