Mineski withdraws from event in protest against “biased” organizers

Mineski has chosen to withdraw from the GESC: Thailand qualifiers in protest against what they consider ‘biased’ organizers.

The SEA powerhouse, who are currently sitting in the fourth place position of the Dota Pro Circuit rankings, were quick to make a stand against the GESC tournament organizers for being “biased”.

This was not the first time that GESC has been criticized by Mineski after the organization had already spoken out last month against tournament organizers regarding their last minute schedule changes in the SEA qualifiers.

At the time, just hours before teams were expected to make an appearance in the qualifier lobbies, GESC notified them that the qualifiers would be postponed until April.

At that time, Mineski released a statement saying:

Teams were informed a few weeks in advance and Mineski-DOTA is specifically bootcamping in Bangkok for this qualifier. The team has put in a lot of time, money and effort, to prepare for the qualifier based on the schedule provided by the organisers.

“Mineski-DOTA does not agree to with GESC’s actions nor should organisers think they can “strongarm” teams due to their Major/Minor status.

Their decision to pull off comes three days before the qualifiers and on the heels of the unexpected and not originally planned direct invite of Evil Geniuses to the main event as the “Champions Invite.”

With new free period in their hands, Mineski would have more time to before they participate in EPICENTER XL starting April 27th, MDL Changsha Major starting May 14th, and ESL One Birmingham spanning from May 23-27th.-gamingtech

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